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Interview: Ebro In The Morning w/ Daymond John

Front if you want but I wore almost every version of FUBU that came out. I proudly wore the FUBU 05 jerseys and the Platinum FUBU collection with Fat Albert and Muhammad Ali. I think people started to hate because other people told them that it wasn’t “cool” anymore but what can I expect from sheep. Anyway, Daymond John is a G to me (G is for Genius) because of his business acumen. I picked up a lot of game from his first book titled The Brand Within. It taught me early on that just because a few individuals found success in certain areas, it didn’t mean that we needed to follow their footsteps to make money. We all can’t have impactful fashion or liquor brands but we can create our own lanes to get to the top. And for that tidbit of information, Daymond will forever be righteous (in terms of business) in my mind.

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Dope Interview… Snoop Dogg’s GGN: Jamie Foxx

This is one of dopest interviews of 2015 thus far… Jamie Foxx has had a few dope interviews as of late, the other great one being with Hot97’s Ebro In The Morning, where he discussed a bit of music and his parties but focused on his relationship with Mike Tyson as well as the upcoming Tyson biopic that he’s starring in. The cool thing about Snoop’s interviews is that he always brings the best out of his guests, nothing forced as the vibe is super organic. In this interview, Jamie discusses a bit of his origins on the scene as comic, his first interactions with Snoop D O Double G, having Wesley Snipes at this party (and a hilarious impression), as well as Django and his current album. Check after the jump for his interview with Ebro and a clip of him and his Foxxhole radio crew reciting lines from New Jack City. Continue reading

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Macklemore on Race and Cultural Appropriation with Ebro In The Morning

As much as the Azealia Banks vs Iggy Azalea “conversation” began to tire me, I’m glad that it happened. IT HAD TO HAPPEN sooner or later at least. I’ve never had a problem with “white rappers” in Hip-Hop. If you can rap, you can rap and your ethnicity won’t keep me from respect your talent if you have it. I might not vibe to every Macklemore song (I rocked to “Thrift Shop” though) but I feel like he has a place in rap. My only issue with those who aren’t from the culture and are looking to start a music career is to respect the culture and be very cognizant of the black experience. With Iggy, I’m still lost as to how she uses her natural Aussie accent while speaking but choses to rap like a black woman from the south. Some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and others say it’s cultural appropriation which is what I lean towards. With Macklemore, I respect him for being true to himself AND for being aware of his position in the industry and the discriminating power of certain “privileges” that he’s able to have due to the color of his skin. Watch the interview, share your opinion because I’m always down for dialogue.

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Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning Interview with Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is an extraordinary artist and for someone that’s only 23 years old, she has the chance to have one hell of a career on her hands. I found this interview with Hot97’s Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura Styles to be very insightful on Azealia’s behalf. She doesn’t have a filter, especially on social media and that has caused her to have a few problems with a couple of artists BUT I respect her need to be truthful at all times. She recently released her album Broke with Expensive Tastes and it’s a BANGER. All of her projects are dope but the controversy tends to overshadow her talent. This interview broke down her views on race, hip-hop, her issues with Iggy Azalea – who she “lovingly” referred to as “Igloo Australia”- and T.I. as well as the ever so popular “How did you get into the game” type of questioning. It has it’s emotional moments but that’s what gives this interview substance.

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Hot97 x Kendrick Lamar Interview

Yo that next Kendrick album is going to be FIRE. In this interview with Hot97, the TDE upstart discusses the state of Hip-Hop, his latest single “i” and the goofy grammy situation with Macklemore. Word To The Third.

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