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5.30.17 Thoughts


1. A very dope 1993 Dennis Rodman write up in Sports Illustrated “Demolition Man“.

2. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I watched a series on Netflix titled The Keepers and every episode baffled me. I heard about it via a friend on Facebook and I decided to give it a watch. I initially thought that it would focus on a nun’s disappearance but it went deeper in the corruption of Baltimore’s archdiocese. I binged watched all 7 episodes and there wasn’t a dull moment. Check it out! Continue reading

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The Golden Lord Now Enters…


Changes. Going Through Changes. Why? Because there’s no other way. Searching for the bottom line has become the obsession over for the past few months and it’s not getting any easier but I like it. As of late, there’s been a unnatural sense of urgency that’s made it’s presence known and I’d be remiss to ignore it. It wasn’t until I started to break free from my comfort zone that I began to truly live. A large part of the current transformation came from reading Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck (I’ve recommended this book to everyone that I know) which forced me to hold up a mirror to really examine my flaws. Personal growth is far from an overnight thing as it takes time to destroy and rebuild who and what you thought you were. We create weird perceptions of ourselves and we believe the lies for so long that we take fiction as fact. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Continue reading

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Dennis Rodman… I Salute You

1998 NBA Finals Game 5:  Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls

“You can like me, you can hate me but I know one thing… When I step on this damn floor, all I’m going to do is get solid” – Dennis Rodman

I’d be lying through my teeth if I said that I knew all about Dennis Rodman’s stats throughout his basketball career. Or that it really mattered to me though as we all know he got busy. I’m not an athlete and my ball handling skills are lackluster so getting worked up by sporting events is a great exercise in futility. Who Cares? I don’t. Do I admire Michael Jordan? YES! Lebron James? Absolutely! Allen Iverson is a hero to me as well but its not because of how many points scored, the number of assists and steals, etc., but for their stories. That ambition to be the best with the world watching takes a level of skill and attitude that few have. Not everyone wants to see you succeed; Many naysayers would relish in your failure. Look at the lives of the everyman/everywoman and see how even the smallest of victories tend to draw the ire of those around them. It’s foul but it’s human nature. Continue reading

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Start it Off!!! Yogi & Skrillex “Burial” (Pusha T x Moody Good x TrollPhace)

YOOOOO!!!! I saw this video for the first time yesterday afternoon and I’ve been bumping it ever since. I can’t front like I’m the biggest Skrillex fan out here. I mean EDM has reached levels of itchy mosquito bites on a hard to reach place type of annoyance with me but you have to be cold in the heart to even stand there and ACT like this doesn’t go hard. Pusha steals the show with those verses but the video?! The God DENNIS RODMAN makes a cameo appearance and just made this visual that much cooler.

BTW those dancers?! Nutty!

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