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8.11.17 Thoughts…


1. My grandfather used to talk about getting your proper rest and nowadays sleep is a luxury. Having a job that requires me to wake up at 6am plus a pretty popping life after the 9 to 5 ends means there’s little room for relaxation. I took off a few days in the upcoming week from work just to give myself a bit of RE:UP time. Besides working, I also contribute to Nostalgia King, Philly’s Wooder Ice, and a few other endeavors that I’ll add to my credits by year’s end. Now it’s all about pacing myself and taking it a day a time even if that means that my personal life has to suffer for a while; It’s for the good of my future. Lights. Camera. Action. Continue reading

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FIRE!! Fekky “Avirex” (ft. Neutrino x Chip)

I think I might love UK rap and UK grime almost as much as I love West Coast Hip-Hop. As soon as I saw Chip’s name in the song title on Youtube, I had to check the song out. I’ve never heard Chip on anything whack and “Avirex” is real dope! “Avirex” comes from Fekky’s soon to be released project El Clasico which drops on August 4th. Fekky, Neutrino, and Chip GO IN over this beat. Looking forward to hear how the rest of the album sounds.

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For The Day: Chip “Honestly”

I always look forward to new joints by Chip. In my opinion, he’s one of the best emcees in UK. This is the latest visual from his upcoming project League Of My Own 2 and so far, I like what I’m hearing from it.

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For The Night: Stormzy “Big For Your Boots”

I’m a big fan of UK Grime! Skepta, Chip, Wiley, Kano, Ice Kid, and of course Stormzy are the main guys from the scene that I listen to. It’s been a while since Stormzy dropped new music and he came with a legit heater. “Big For Your Boots” knocks and I love the visuals that accompany it. WORD! Shout out to Sir Spyro & Fraser T Smith the producers behind the track.

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Current Mood: Chip “Winter Time”

It indeed the Winter Time and it is indeed cold. Yet, as the chill runs through air faster than Sonic, I still manage to rock out.

Don’t sleep on Grime…

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Throwback Thursday: The Streets “Has It Come To This?”

I’ve been on a strong UK Rap/Grime kick over the past month or so. I love watching the Don’t Flop rap battles and I follow some of the battlers on twitter. One of the emcees, Danny Jaqq, wrote about a grime beef that brewed between UK artists Chip (formerly Chipmunk) and Bugsy. I spent time listening to ALL of Chip’s response records and really became a huge fan of him as well as Stormzy, Skepta, Wiley, Kano, Krept & Konan just to name a few. Recently, Don’t Flop put up a blog post that featuring a visual history of UK Grime and Hip-Hop ranging from 2000 to 2015 and the discoveries were massive. One of the artists, The Streets, who I had heard of but never listened to, was on the list and it featured his single “Has It Come To This?” from his debut album Original Pirate Material. Unique voices in Hip-Hop offer some of the most memorable contributions to the craft and “Has It Come To This?” is on my list of tracks to bump whenever and wherever.

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