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For Kelis…. An Appreciation

00/00/0000. Kelis, American singer.

When I hear the phrase “Black Girls Rock”, Kelis is the first woman that I think of. I had never seen anyone like her before and her music, especially in 1999, was purely an anomaly. The radio, especially urban formats, was nothing but your standard mainstream Hip-Hop and R&B. There weren’t any real exciting artists; No one seemed to care for being outside of the box. Kelis backed by the crazy production provided by The Neptunes tore into radio playlists with “Caught Out There”, a hard edged track about a cheating ex that’s caught in his lies and that hook?! “I hate you so much right now….AAAAAAAHH!” became the phrase that so many of us loved to scream. In that same year, she could be heard on Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s comeback(?) single “Got Your Money”. I was an instant fan of her’s and she was the primary reason why I became a supporter of the Neptunes (Ma$e’s “Looking At Me” and N.O.R.E.’s “Superthug” helped too). Continue reading

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7.25.17 Thoughts: Flower Boy, Meeting Rappers, Kelis, Music Journalism

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Corner Store Cat, 2011

1. I haven’t stopped listening to Tyler The Creator’s latest album, Flower Boy, since it’s official release on July 21st. I can say that this maybe Tyler’s best project yet in terms of content and production. Say whatever you want about Tyler and his uncanny trolling talents but when it comes to music, he always comes with a banger. Even his lesser efforts like Cherrybomb (I still like it!) had dope joints here and there so how could I, even at my highest Super Saiyan level of hate, deny that man’s musicality. My favorite tracks on this latest offering are “Sometimes” which makes me angry because it’s such an amazingly produced track but it’s only 36 seconds long, “Potholes” featuring Jayden Smith, “Where the Flower Blooms”, “November”, “Droppin’ Seeds” featuring Lil Wayne, which was a great surprise, “Garden Shed” (not that controversial if you actually LISTEN to the song) “Boredom” and of course the raw ruckus delivering that is “I Ain’t Got Time!”. It’s obvious that Tyler is an alumni of the school that Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo built BUT he’s taken what he’s learned and turned it into something that he owns. This and Kendrick’s DAMN. could be the projects of the year thus far that is until I listen to Shabazz Palace’s latest projects. Continue reading

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5.31.17 Thoughts


1. I’d like to thank the members of N.E.R.D. for my new found mantra (and future tattoo): Fly Or Die. Fly Or Die is the title of their sophomore album which had a significant presence in my collegiate life. While reading Charlemagne’s newest book Black Privilege it hit me out of nowhere. In this world it’s fly or die. Either you do or you don’t. Continue reading

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