No One Wants To Hate Their Job

There’s nothing worse than waking up for a job that you hate. Lying in bed, struggling to remove sheets and covers as you try to ignore the alarm on your iPhone that plays the same portion of Tyler The Creator’s “I Ain’t Got Time” like it does EVERY morning feels like penance for some foul […]

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7.13.17 Thoughts

1. Last night, I went to see Cam’ron perform at the Heineken Green Room event at the Underground Arts venue here in Philly. The line went around the block and it took almost about an hour to get into the building. Once there, Astro 8000, The DJ on the bill played until the crowd grew […]

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Cam’ron Helped Me Out…

Let’s lift our glasses in honor of Cameron Giles aka Cam’ron aka Killa Cam. This isn’t about the music which I am a huge fan of nor does it have anything to do with the falling out with fellow Dipset member Jim Jones. Nope. Those topics have zero relevance in this piece. In the early […]

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2.12.17 Thoughts

1. Good friends are hard to come by. Keep your circle tight and the communication open and honest. 2. John Wick 2 was absolutely great! The fight choreography, Common and Ruby Rose, and of course THE DOG made it an action packed experience. 3. Cam’ron’s Instagram Livestream > Jim Jones’ Funk Flex interview. Cam’ron was […]

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Peace to Jay Dee…

Thank You Jay Dee… As much as I love Jay Dee aka Dilla, it’s been hard to listen to his music for the past few years. It’s nothing to do with the quality as most of his creations are timeless. The fans that emerged post February 10th 2006 and the exploitation that followed ruined my […]

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