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For The Day: Rich Homie Quan “Gamble”

It’s good to see RHQ back in the game with this new visual for “Gamble”. He’s made his rounds on the media circuit (Everyday Struggle and DJ Vlad for example) and it seems he’s preparing for a comeback of sorts and I’m all for it.

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Dopeness!!! Cee Lo Green “TV ON THE RADIO” Album

This was a pretty slick idea… Cee-Lo dropped this unexpected yet much appreciated concept album that features Cee-Lo singing over classic TV theme songs such as Family Ties and The Peanuts Theme (Linus and Lucy).

Download: Cee-Lo Green – TV On The Radio

Via BlaeNY

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This Kid Has The Coolest Videos: Father “Slow Dance in 3/4 (Interlude)”

Yo this “”Who’s Gonna Get F***** First?” project by Father sounds like its going to be a burner for sure. The production is just low key snazzy and I feel like a full length effort from this guy is going to be a problem.

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Whoa… Definitely Didn’t Know About This: Father “KILO”

Sheesh… Can I read my comic books and listen to my records like this?! I think I deserve it for the 99-2000.

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Classic Tapes: Hollyweerd “Electricity Showroom” (2009)


2009 was a great year for music. There was an influx of new artists that started to create their own lanes of that group there was Hollyweerd. They actually released their first tape, Edible Phat in August 2008, but this is the tape truly did it for me. They had their own unique style of rapping and they always chose dope beats to rhyme over. The Miles Davis interludes are still funny to listen to years later. Atlanta has a ton of dope acts but Hollyweerd was my favorite of that new class.

Download: Hollyweerd – Electricity Showroom

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It Finally Happened… Proper Villains “Jumpin’ In My Jordans” (BEATLES Edit)

Migos And The Beatles

Dreams do come true! Proper Villains just released “Jumpin’ In My Jordans (Beatles Edit)” … Yes if you ever wondered what a collaboration between Migos and The Beatles would sound like then damn it, you no longer have to wait!

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Migos “Story I Tell” (Official Video)

Yo mark my words… if Migos keeps their noses clean and continues to deliver¬†quality material, they will be the new kings of the south. I’m not reaching with that claim either… Trust and believe! And if you need more to go off on, check out their newest mixtape Rich Ni**a Timeline that I posted yesterday.

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Quality Control Presents Migos – Rich Ni**a Timeline

Migos RichNiggaTimeline

MIGOS CAN RAP! Atlanta’s answer to the Beatles drops their newest project RICH NI**A TIMELINE and after hearing tracks like “Story I Tell”, I think that I will definitely enjoy this.

Download: Migos РRichNi**aTimeline

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