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The Breakfast Club Interview w/ Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters, who serves as the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district, sits down with the Breakfast Club to discuss Hip-Hop, The detriment of redlining, Censorship, and how we all should reclaim our time.

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The Breakfast Club Interview w/ Malcolm Gladwell

The Breakfast Club may have some of the greatest guests and interviews. Malcolm Gladwell is one of the genius minds that we need in this world and as always I learn something new whenever he speaks. With that being said, I’ll finally crack open the Tipping point sometime this summer.

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The Breakfast Club Interview w/ Dave Chappelle and Donnell Rawlings

It’s great to see these guys back together again. If you ever watched the Chappelle Show on Comedy Central, then you’d know how integral Donnell was to the cast along with the late Charlie Murphy. I’m looking forward to what else Dave has up his sleeve.

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The Breakfast Club Interview w/ @GaryVee

You can always count on receiving gems of wisdom from Gary Vaynerchuk. I subscribed to his channel a little while ago and all of his videos provide inspiration of some sort. One of my favorite pieces of advice that I’ve gotten from him via his content is to do something because you love it and prepare to work work and work.

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The Breakfast Club interview w/ DJ Premier

The Breakfast Club FINALLY interviews the legendary producer DJ Premier. He discusses his beginnings, Guru and Gang Starr, Biggie, Hov, and a lot more. He’s definitely on my list of greatest producers.

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The Breakfast Club interview w/ Malcolm Gladwell

One of the greatest minds and writers of our time finally sits down with the Breakfast Club crew. I have a lot of his books in my collection. Once I finish up with The Four Agreements, I’m going to read David And Goliath.


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The Breakfast Club Interview w/ Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis became a hero to many of us in the last episode of Insecure. I was so inspired by his performance with Tasha The Bank Teller that I went to my local Wells Fargo where I make my monthly deposits for rent hoping to make a come up. I should’ve worn my 10 year old Best Buy shirt for good measure.

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