So I Went To See Annabelle:Creation….


This is will be a mix of my thoughts on the movie and my experience in the theater. I tried to see the Annabelle: Creation Saturday night but due to a power outage in the theater, that plan was a no go. The next day, I decided to try my luck again and I swear on everything that I love in this big wide universe, I wished that I stayed in my apartment. People wonder why I’ve developed a small disdain for human beings over the years well, yesterday would’ve answered every last one of those inquiries.

First, Annabelle was a pretty cool for a horror flick. I haven’t jumped while watching a scary movie since  The Ring in 2002 but ever since then every movie in that genre that I’ve seen has yet to affect my heart rate (I’M JUST TOO TOUGH IN THESE STREETS, SON!). Annabelle: Creation is a the prequel to 2014’s supernatural film Annabelle about a demonically possessed doll that tries to annihilate a small family. This film belongs in the same cinematic universe as The Conjuring, which means much of the same elements that are used to draw suspense and eventually scare the sound out of you are very present here. Creation unravels the history behind the devilish toy and how once again, as in all scary movies, nobody wants to listen when they are told to NOT to do something.  It’s not like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm’s Street where the killer chases you no matter what you, but it’s one of those scenarios where they say “Hey, whatever you do, DON’T go in there” or “Hey, whatever you do, DON’T open that door” and of course, for the sake of having an actual movie that isn’t over in 20 minutes or less, they disobey the simple request and unnecessary problems happen. Curiosity, as per the saying, kills the cat, the dog, the kids, the adults, and sometimes the elderly all because of one stupid mistake. In this movie, the formula remains the same but it still offered an enjoyable story.  And as far as special effects are concerned, they did a fantastic job. You have to consider that I grew up in the 80s and 90s so I’ve seen pretty cheesy things in movies. I’d give the film a B.

As far as my movie goer experience is concerned, I wanted to hire a chimpanzee to throw it’s feces on 85 percent of the audience. I always thought that the comedians on Def Comedy Jam and ComicView were exaggerating when they said that black folks yell and talk to the screen as if the main character can hear them but last night was proof that they weren’t being the least bit facetious. I love my people but damn I almost wanted to scream out “FUCK IT!” and go home mid movie but I paid close to 15 dollars (including tax) for that ticket and money is never wasted around these parts.


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