8.13.17 Thoughts…

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Maybe Swearing Will Help, 2016

1. On Instagram I saw a photo of Lloyd Banks with Westside Gunn and Conway and immediately I hoped that they had a collaboration in the making. In my opinion, Lloyd Banks is an underrated emcee that never got his just due even during G-Unit’s prominence. I own all of the albums and the mixtapes that Banks has released and he delivers  quality raps on each project. Skill wise, he’s great but he has introverted tendencies which kept him out of the limelight. For example, he’ll drop a project and you wouldn’t see any visuals to support it and as we all know (or should know) content is necessary to maintain a presence in the digital age. I remember when Kanye West stated that Banks was one of his favorite emcees which led to two collaborations: “Christian Dior Denim Flow” and “Start It Up” which appears on Hunger For More 2, the sequel to Lloyd’s 2004 debut album. He’s worked with and is respected by many of the greats in Hip-Hop so it’s only right that he achieves the same level of admiration as his peers. I’d love to hear him collaborate with Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn, Conway, Hus Kingpin, Nas, and any other emcee that’s heavy on slick lyricism.

2. In the heat of intimacy, all that you want to do is help your partner reach their climax. Usually it’s not a problem for me but whenever it did, I would get extremely self-conscious because I felt like I’d laughed out the bedroom or I wouldn’t a call back for another chance at greatness. I asked a lady friend of mine today if using toys in a situation like that would be cheating since I’ve been under the impression that if you can’t make it happen yourself, then it doesn’t count. She informed me that it wasn’t cheating so I felt relieved because I have a bag or tricks in the crib that I could’ve used one time but I was never sure how some of the women would react. Crazy thoughts right? Even with sex I can get lost in my own head and I shouldn’t because it isn’t about me AT ALL. For the fellas out there that are interested in spicing things up, check out this article from ASKMEN titled “How To Buy Her a Sex Toy” and thank me later.

P.S. That Hitachi Magic Wand does wonders. I sent one to an ex during our long distance relationship and without saying too much, it was definitely an appreciated gift.

3. Yo that kid DEAN is dope! For those not in the know, DEAN is a K-POP artist that’s very serious on R&B side of things. His last project, 130 Mood: TRBL was a slick EP and an indication of his level of talent. “Love” features Syd from the Odd Future affiliate group The Internet, and it’s a great single but the best part of the song occurs within the last 50 seconds when the beat switches. Solid track.

4. Who knew that so many Americans were allergic to peace and equality? You learn something new everyday.

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