8.11.17 Thoughts…


1. My grandfather used to talk about getting your proper rest and nowadays sleep is a luxury. Having a job that requires me to wake up at 6am plus a pretty popping life after the 9 to 5 ends means there’s little room for relaxation. I took off a few days in the upcoming week from work just to give myself a bit of RE:UP time. Besides working, I also contribute to Nostalgia King, Philly’s Wooder Ice, and a few other endeavors that I’ll add to my credits by year’s end. Now it’s all about pacing myself and taking it a day a time even if that means that my personal life has to suffer for a while; It’s for the good of my future. Lights. Camera. Action.

2. I SLACKED!!! I try to keep up with all of my favorite releases but missed out on Sango’s De Mim, Pra Vacê. His approach to sampling Brazilian cuts and mixing them with older R&B joints astounds me every time I listen and that’s pretty difficult to do because I’m a borderline snob when it comes to what I’ll listen to . His 2015 album Da Rocinha 3 is still banging in my eardrums but Sango’s latest album will be played at high volume over my break from the grueling world of the nine to five.

3. Here’s a new joint featuring Giggs (whom I first heard on Drake’s More Life) from Chip’s latest project, League of My Own II.

4. Words of wisdom from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


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