No One Wants To Hate Their Job

There’s nothing worse than waking up for a job that you hate. Lying in bed, struggling to remove sheets and covers as you try to ignore the alarm on your iPhone that plays the same portion of Tyler The Creator’s “I Ain’t Got Time” like it does EVERY morning feels like penance for some foul act that you committed in a past life. Make your way to the bathroom and stare at a worn face in a mirror, shake your head then pray that the shower rids you of your current neanderthal like disposition. After you put on your “appropriate” work attire, reality sets in as you walk out the door that the next 8 hours of your life will be just another battle in an ongoing war with no foreseeable end.

No one wants to hate their job. I’m sure that we’d love nothing more than to love what we do but it doesn’t happen that way for all of us. When Cam’ron released the visual for “I Hate My Job”, the lead single from his 2009 album Crime Pays, I HATED MY JOB! F*cking hated where I worked, how I dressed, the cubicle that boxed me in and as time went on, my co-workers. I was a processing associate aka data entry lackey that barely made 30K a year after taxes. Many of the clients that I assisted had net worths ranging from $500,000 to the millions meanwhile I was barely able to pay my cellphone bill due to student loans coming through and kicking over the buildings of my bank account like the Dogg Pound in the “New York, New York” video. Once I got myself fired, I had the opportunity to see what it felt like as freelance photographer and I wasn’t prepared for that in the least but I’ll never regret the experience.

I made my return to the 9 to 5 rat race in 2012. After two stints as a bank teller (the bank shut down every branch in Philly) and a server in New Orleans, things are very different now. I don’t feel as if the ongoing war will end with my face covered in gray hairs wearing a uniform shirt taking orders. I’m grateful to have a source of income that allows me to have a place to live and a little bit of green in my pocket but there are days when I come home stressed by the people in my work environment instead of the actual job itself. I had a realization a while ago where I knew that I wouldn’t be where I am for too long. The next move is going to be my very best move but mums the word for now.

You want the career that makes you smile everyday and brings meaning to your life. Work should not feel like torture for your mind and body and if it does, you need to reassess your purpose in life immediately and pursue what truly moves you. Take a risk. Ruffle more than a few feathers even if it’s your own plumage. A friend of mine told me to come to LA and I may take him up on the offer and visit the City of Angels maybe the vibe on the West side could offer an opportunity that Philly is devoid of having.


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