8.2.17 Thoughts…

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Eagles Bombin’, 2012(?)

1. Last night I had conversation with both my grandmothers who are as of now, my only grandparents. I had a brief conversation with one, who’s currently in her 90s and although we spoke briefly it was great to hear her voice. My other grandmother, gave me advice that I didn’t think that I needed but damn she was right on time. As an only child, I had very close relationships with my grandparents. So needless to say when my grandfather passed it had a profound affect on me. The love and lessons that I received from my grandmothers over the years were centered in maintaining faith. I might not have been the church going grandson that my mother’s mother wanted me to be at times but she let me be me and that’s all that I could have ever asked for. Two of the greatest examples of strong women that I’ll see in my lifetime.

2. A few days ago, FADER dropped a piece titled Guide To Saving Your Summer that featured different articles that detail how to enjoy the fleeting season of summer. Out of all of the articles, How To Let Summer Love Find You by Alex Elle was what I found to be the most helpful. As a single guy, I try to keep an open mind about what I’m looking for. Online dating seems like a desolate wasteland filled to the gills with fuckery and frankly, I’m too good for all of that. Call me arrogant but at least I’m honest. Alex’s thoughts on trusting that the universe has a special person for us all struck a major chord:

“Setting intentions and being what you want to attract can be very helpful. But I will say that people shouldn’t overexert themselves looking for love because the right thing is going to come along and what’s meant for them is going to be theirs.”


3. Luke Faas’s Apathy EP is a very groovy listen. The COLORS channel has exposed me to a world new talent in a matter of hours.

4. Remember when I mentioned why I thought journaling was key to sustaining sanity? If not, here’s the link but here are a few words from Alex Elle from the FADER article mentioned above just in case you didn’t want to read it.

“We’re so used to being on social media and taking pictures of every- thing and digitally logging things. I encourage people to document their summer with pen and paper. Things like list-making can be a form of meditation, and it can tap into your self-care and what you’re looking for in the long haul. It holds us accountable.”

Ever since I started writing for other sites, I put more of my work into my journals. More ideas about how to approach pieces, personal thoughts, and actually creating plans of action for goals that I’d like to accomplish rather than trying to keep track of everything in my head.

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