7.18.17 Thoughts

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
In The Sky, 2013

1. I don’t think that it’s possible to be human anymore. Even with evidence of growth there are some individuals out there that will dog you over past life misdeeds. Bad decisions are unforgivable. I’m not referring to those that committed murders or any other heinous crime but mistakes made due to ignorance of self worth. There was an article posted after Hov’s 4:44 dropped that stated that Hov did little to discuss “toxic masculinity” on the title track and I scratched my head a bit after reading it. I could tell by listening to “4:44” that writing that song was very therapeutic for Jay yet we have people, such as that article’s author, who take the time to judge others on how they think their lives should be or dictate the content of an artist’s message. That off beat Hov article is just the tip of the berg for me as I’ve seen tons of people be so damn judgmental over the comings and goings of others that they will never meet. When word started to spread like wildfire about the activist/actor Jesse Williams dating actress Minka Kelly, so many people became instant relationship gurus. It was as if Jesse smacked one of their mothers or beat up one of their brothers. They attacked his credibility which such virulence and it soon became a matter of race (“He left his black wife for a white woman”) but the accusers totally negated the fact that the actor, himself, is biracial. It’s insane to know that once you gain a bit of celebrity, you forfeit your right to live the life of your choosing. Like Hov said, “[They] want you to be miserable with them”.

2. Beware of energy vampires and time leeches. When it comes to crunch time and you have goals to accomplish, let nothing and no one keep you from cooking  and eating your meal. Ignore the phone calls, the text/direct messages, and put it all into what you’re trying to accomplish. If the individuals that are trying to get your attention or calling you to hang out truly give a fuck about you then they won’t bother you nor try to intrude while you’re riding the vibe of creativity. Too many people on this earth are self serving and have nothing going on in their lives so they will attach themselves to those with great energy and strong resolve and no one needs the dead weight. Be sharp, be smart and keep it thorough with those that are eager to take but not as avid about giving you the air that you needed to flourish.

3. Sometimes you can’t be clean cut when it comes to the game….

4. If there’s one album that I find is essential in writing it’s To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. It’s a proper project with smooth enough grooves to mellow my mind as I try to drag thoughts out of thin air. I used to write raps back in the day and I’d put on anything from Reasonable Doubt to make the pen move. Music is a very important part of my writing process. Don’t let me hear Stevie’s “Superwoman/Where Were You When I Needed You” or else you’re getting a piece of work with my soul wrapped all in it.


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