Dope! The Science of 50 Cent: Turning a Negative Into Positive

50 Cent knows the game. Throughout his storied career, no matter the circumstance, he always found himself as a topic of conversation. Whether records or books, his highly acclaimed show POWER on STARS, or trash talking better than Jordan did on the court, we could always count on 50 being 50. HipHopDX’s The Science of 50 Cent: Turning a Negative Into Positive curated by one of the dopest West Coast emcees, Murs, gives light to 50’s career, his accomplishments and asks the question if his extra curricular activity of causing controversy does more harm than good. As a fan of the G-Unit general, there were some beefs that I thought were pointless (Rick Ross started that feud… never forget!) but I also think that all of his moves that were made succeeded by making us, as Hip-hop fans, give our undivided attention. I don’t know how his popularity waned musically, in terms of the record sales, and I could make a few guesses but overall, where he’s at now, in the world of film, seems to be an awesome fit for him.


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