“Relax and Take Notes…”


“Always keep a notebook handy. You never know when inspiration will strike.”

I carry a journal with me everyday. There’s not a thought that passes through my cavernous mind that’s not documented. Journals allow me to keep track of myself and my random spouts of creativity. I remind myself of the lead character from Nickelodeon’s Doug (the only version of Doug that matters) and I see myself writing in journals for years to come. I would write in notebooks here and there but I didn’t take it serious until the Spring of 2013. During that time, journals became my sole outlet for expressing the ups and downs of my experiences and ever since then, I’ve yet to leave the apartment without  one. I started with notebooks by Word. (very cool cover designs) and then I dabbled with Moleskine and Field Notes just add a bit of variety to my collection. I want to create somewhat of a memory bank, so that years from now I can look back and see what kind of person that I used to be as well as take note of all of my creative writing and random ideas because at times we are our best source of inspiration.

If you are like me and have constant creative voices in your head shouting out ideas, go the old route with a pen and pad and jot it all down.


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