7.13.17 Thoughts

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Olde City joint

1. Last night, I went to see Cam’ron perform at the Heineken Green Room event at the Underground Arts venue here in Philly. The line went around the block and it took almost about an hour to get into the building. Once there, Astro 8000, The DJ on the bill played until the crowd grew restless. When Cam’ron came out, all of the energy that I lost while standing around waiting for his performance, came back ten fold while he ran through hits from his 20 plus year career. I can tell you one thing though and I shouldn’t even have been surprised but the hood definitely came out to see the Dipset God. Shout out to Heineken now where’s my beer?

2. Ok now here’s the critical side of my experience last night. As much as I am a true fan of music, a lot of the newer joints and jams, I either have no clue of or I can’t get into. At first I thought I was washed. I said to myself, “Damn Mike, back in the day we used to get buck in the club but now look at you with your old ass!” but then I remember that I’m 32 years old and some of the subject matter in these songs I’ve outgrown. I still rock with a few new acts here and there but for the most part, especially after watching the highlights from the XXL Freshman ’17 freestyles, I’m fine with my classics and the artists that I already listen to. I liken some of these new jacks to the little brothers that walk around the house wearing their big brother’s clothes to feel cool about themselves.

3. I still can’t believe how I violated the number one rule for the game back in the day: It’s just business, never personal. I needed to take time away from the “scene” to get my affairs in order before I continued to make the moves that I wanted to make. There were people that I viewed as adversaries and that was very unjust on my end. Some of those individuals weren’t my cup of tea but it was counterproductive go out of my way to express that; Focusing on myself should’ve been the priority and it is now more than ever. Now it’s time to show the world how I get down.

4. Also, I’m going to share ALL  of the music that I listen to with you, my readers, because there are records that many of you haven’t heard or haven’t heard in a while. First up, is “Open Sesame (Groove With The Genie)” by Kool and The Gang. I was in an Uber one morning headed to work and the driver had this jam on. I hadn’t listened to this cut in I don’t know how long but it was very refreshing. Check it out…


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