Spider-Man Homecoming… I “Seent” It!


Last night, I hit my local movie theater to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, the latest film from the Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. Before seeing the film, I swear that I saw at least 10 previews but I finally got to see the Black Panther trailer and that’s going to be absolute fire when it’s released. I’ve seen every Spider-Man movie with the exception of the very last one with Jamie Foxx as the bad-haired, crooked mouthed villain Electro and from what I’ve been told I didn’t miss much. For starters, the new approach to the Spider-Man universe gives new breath to the character and Tom Holland (check him out in The City of Z) was the perfect choice to don the web slinger’s uniform. Homecoming has the right amount of adventure, action, comedic moments, and most importantly an engaging storyline that allows the watcher to connect to the main characters, yes, even the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton, an actor that’s no stranger to comic book flicks.

There are Marvel easter eggs strewn throughout the movie and they are easy to pick up if you know where to look or are a Spider-Man fanatic like I am. I’ll spare you the particulars as to not spoil the film for those that want to see it but this must be said, Marisa Tomei is and will forever be a favorite of mine. She’s been fine since her brief tenure on A Different World and My Cousin Vinny. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is shaping up quite nicely which means that the upcoming Infinite Wars saga should be absolute madness.

Last but not least and I’m sure that this in indeed a deviation from the written path but this has to be said: This generation of movie goers are jackasses. I wonder what goes through the minds of these mongoloids that decide to look at their cellphones with obnoxiously bright screens in a dark theater. I assure you that most if not all of these backyard geniuses are checking nothing more than their Facebook feeds and text messages which by all means can wait until AFTER the movie is over. Also, a special “please go choke yourself” goes to those that talk during movies and give their 2 cents whenever a line is said or an event happens. I didn’t pay 13.50 plus tax for the 3D version of Spider-Man: Homecoming to hear impersonations of audience members from the Ricky Lake Show in the late 90’s. Cut that sh*t out.

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