Netflix’s Castlevania is DOPE!!!

O.K. Nerds, gather round and listen up! If you’re like me and remember an old but highly revered video game series known as Castlevania then this is just for you. I started watching it at 2am this morning and I finished the 4 episode season before the sun had a chance to rise. The story revolves around Trevor Belmont, a weathered protagonist who’s forced into a battle against Dracula and his evil forces by unforeseen circumstances. Renowned comic book writer and novelist Warren Ellis wrote this show as an onscreen adaptation of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse but what I didn’t know was that this idea had been kicked around for over a decade. I read via Polygon that the original plan was for it to be a full length straight to DVD release. I’m happy that they decided to make it a Netflix series instead as it will probably receive a much bigger audience. I really enjoyed the writing and the character development, Season 2 should be just as good if not better.


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