7.6.17 Thoughts


1. The only downside to college is the student loan debt that follows. There have been moments, past AND present, when I’ve looked at how much I owe and I wonder if going to college was worth it. But if I didn’t go, I would’ve missed out on an incredible experience ALSO without a college degree, who knows what kind of employment that I would’ve been able to find. Student loan debt is a national problem and it doesn’t make sense that we have to place ourselves in debt just to give ourselves a chance at a better life. You have some that don’t pay their loans and as much as I want join in that rebellion, I can’t have these bastards ruining my credit.

2. After listening to Jay-Z’s 4:44, I really thought about personal wealth. I took a look at my current financial situation and figured that I could do a lot better. I have a job with benefits and I’m not out on skid row begging for change but with the ever changing climate of the economy in which we live, I’m not OK with just doing OK. I’d like to invest my money and create multiple forms of residual income. I already live as a minimalist with a few minor splurges on Amazon but I’d rather put my hard earned loot where it counts rather than wasting it on a pair of sneakers or anything else that depreciates in value. By the way there’s an excellent piece on The Ivy Investor titled Four Wealth Lessons from 4:44 based on the financial wisdom that Hov dropped throughout his recent album.

3. I love love LOVE this song. I was and still am a listener of Neo-Soul and when this record dropped, it was played like crazy on WDAS which in turn made it a favorite for my parents and the rest is history. Les Nubians….

4. I wanted to be music journalist. Once I started blogging years ago it brought me closer to that dream BUT I found the blogging game to be a bit too redundant. We all would post the same videos by the same artists and clutter the net with monotonous content. As a photographer I got even closer but now, with age and wisdom and experience, I’d love to get back into it as a radio host of some sort. I know the music, I know the artists and I do the research. So if I can make it on BEATS Radio by the time that I reach 40 then that would be fantastic, until then it’s nothing but hard work and sacrifice.


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