7.5.17 Thoughts


1. How “woke” is too “woke”? I understand the importance of being conscious of the sociopolitical climate and not falling for the “banana in the tailpipe” but goodness gracious, there are times when I have to really step away from friends and associates because I fear that their “everything and everybody is the enemy” mentality will become contagious and I’ll become a dashiki wearing government conspiracy video sharing brother that would rather complain about how bad things are than addressing solutions. And no, I’m not saying that every conscious person is like that but there are tons of people out there that will throw on an ankh and watch Dr. Umar Johnson lectures religiously as if that cements their blackness. A homie of mine tried to tell me that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the really fighting against Hip-Hop because two of the villains were named Bebop and Rocksteady. Bebop and Rocksteady dressed like punk kids and they never listened to rap in the cartoons. Don’t test my Lean Green Fighting Machine knowledge.

2. Last weekend, I saw the John Coltrane documentary Chasing Trane and I really enjoyed it. Chasing Trane gave you an overview of Coltrane’s entire life and briefly touched on the albums, evolution as musician, and what I thought to be most representative of saxophonist, his spirituality. Although I wished there was more of an in-depth look at a few of his albums such as Giant Steps and A Love Supreme, I’m sure that those projects could receive a documentary all to themselves. This is the second jazz doc that I saw this year, the first being I Called Him Morgan, a film about the life and death of revered jazz trumpeter, Lee Morgan.

3. Did I ever mention that AZ is one of my all time favorite emcees? If not, here’s an example of why featuring Raekwon and the late Prodigy.

4. I don’t know ANYTHING nor do I care to know ANYTHING about celebrity drama but I do have an issue when it affects my life. When one B-List celeb wants to get payback on another B-List celeb by sharing her nudes on the net to shame her, it ruins it for the rest of us who operate on the regular level. A friend of mine said that she stopped sending nudes because of that and I’m hurt. That’s right I’m making this about me because the bitchassness committed by childish dickheads prohibits me from enjoying luscious visuals. I work hard to have those nudes in my phone. There’s animosity in heart now…


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