Full Crate x Mar “Gorgeous”

”Every woman has a story untold. We have been searching for it. This is a story of A Woman discovering her powers within” – Full Crate x Mar Full Crate and Mar make for an excellent team. Not only is “Gorgeous” awesome to hear, the matching visual is just as captivating to watch. You can […]

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6.28.17 Thoughts

1. Last night, after watching my cousin perform (and kill it) with Dr. B’s Groove at World Cafe Live, I made it home with tons of thoughts rolling through my head. Maybe those two drinks that I had during the show made me very incessant about the points that I wanted to make. While highly […]

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6.26.17 Thoughts

1. Make your circle smaller. If you find yourself doing more for others than they do for you then you have to cut your losses. For example, I used to break my neck to help out certain people and I never asked for compensation because if we were friends then it’s all gravy. But you […]

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