6.28.17 Thoughts


1. Last night, after watching my cousin perform (and kill it) with Dr. B’s Groove at World Cafe Live, I made it home with tons of thoughts rolling through my head. Maybe those two drinks that I had during the show made me very incessant about the points that I wanted to make. While highly buzzed, I called my good friend Chris and went into a maelstrom of topics but the most important (and the only thing that I can remember) portion of it dealt with the idea of having a legacy. This blog isn’t a place for me to stroke my ego, it’s an extension of self for the sake of leaving a digital footprint. Like the Gorillaz said on their Demon Dayz album, Tomorrow Comes Day and with that in mind, every thing that I do on a social media platform should leave some kind of impression. A positive and meaningful impression. If have a podcast, a blog, vlogs, fire tweets, etc., make sure that represents you in the best way possible. The shape of the future depends on us.  

2. I love Rihanna. Her music is very legit but let’s be honest, she is sexy as hell and could receive all of this thug love. Allegedly, she has a new guy in her life and I’m not hating but there was a headline about her current situation on the CNN of gossip that made me laugh like crazy. Bossip posted an article yesterday titled “Swirlin’? Rihanna Is Getting Her Bajan Cakes Smashed To Smithereens By A Mystery Man In Spain” and it truly made my day, well it was the 2nd thing because the 1st was something I won’t discuss, but it was very fire. I shared the link on my Facebook timeline and most of the responses came from women and they were in support of the Bajan goddess getting her groove on. My favorite response in particular stated that those were “summer goals” and who can be mad at that. We should all be getting some during this season. All Summer Seventeen smash those cakes into smithereens.

P.S. Random I know but fuck what Steve Harvey talks about in his relationship books and all of that “90 Day rule” garbage. Go out there and get some barbecue and get busy.

3. So let’s go back to last night. Music was on my mind while I scribbled away in my notebook. Hearing Dr. B’s Groove play funk jams took me back to a time when I fantasized about driving around downtown Philly at night. When I was younger, there was something so very cool about that area and I used to imagine being in the jazz clubs, taking in the glow of neon lights, and the booming metropolis that refused to catch a few winks of sleep. The nightlife in Philly for me as an adult is far from what I’d thought it would be. Yes, we have a few dope live jazz venues such as Chris’s Jazz Cafe and Time but I expected the city to have more of that. I remember watching Love Jones and wishing that I was old enough to enjoy places where poetry and jazz could create a one of kind ambiance. I was too young to really revel in the era of the Black Lily. Five Spot, Ortliebs and 8th Street Lounge were hubs for a brewing culture but now, there’s nothing like that here. That’s Philly for you…

4. Last but not least, a jam that you can step to.


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