6.26.17 Thoughts


1. Make your circle smaller. If you find yourself doing more for others than they do for you then you have to cut your losses. For example, I used to break my neck to help out certain people and I never asked for compensation because if we were friends then it’s all gravy. But you have those that take advantage of friendships and front heavy for their own benefit. Those are the kinds of individuals that you have to keep on a short leash. The fastest way to burn a bridge with me is by trying to stunt at my expense to appear cool in front of others. My circle now consists of like minded individuals and we keep it honest with each other even if it hurts. That’s just how it has to be.

2. I wish I could’ve been on the set of 2Pac’s “How Do You Want It” video. Legend has it that he had a private party after the video finished filming with porn royalty: Nina Hartley, Angel Kelly, and Heather Hunter. You know that you “put it down” when it’s been over 20 years later and porn goddess Nina Hartley says that you could’ve been a “performer”. I searched far and wide for the uncensored visuals for “How Do You Want It” and once I found it, I swear before god I grew like 10.5 chest hairs.


3. Say what you want about Lil Yachty but he has joints though….

4. Time to take it back a minute. So I had dinner with my cousin Ty this evening at a local artisanal Pizza spot that serves beer and wine(I get classy!). We were discussing our lives and I had a flashback that may have or not have contributed to the way that I am now. Word to Minnie Riperton, we went down memory lane. In the summer of ’93, my aunt had a barbecue at her house out in Yeadon and this was when Yeadon was Yeadon which is far from what it is now. Back then, you had a few black families on every block but we’ve since taken it over. Anyway, while in my Aunt’s basement my younger cousin and I were doing regular “little kid shit” with this girl that I liked. Out of nowhere she decided to teach us how to kiss, and not just any kiss, but a french kiss. Listen, a whole new world opened up for me but at 8 years old I had no idea what to do. Way too powerful for a young prepubescent mind to handle. Now, if we were caught doing that, you can bet that we’d all would’ve been in trouble, more so her than us. But I feel like the odds were in our favor because NO ONE came downstairs until it was over and by then we acted like nothing happened. It’s been 20 plus years and I still see her around sometimes. A part of me wants to thank her for changing my life but whatever.


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