6.25.17 Thoughts


1. 8 years ago, we lost the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. As polarizing of a figure as he was, it seems and I feel that he was as equally enigmatic. He had classic albums and unmatched moments in music history: The Moonwalk on the Motown 25th anniversary special, racking up 8 grammys in one night in 1984, and let’s not forget the Thriller video. As an 80’s baby, the early portion of my childhood was spent being nothing more than a witness to the King’s ascension and it all felt surreal as I watched raging fans have mock religious experiences at his concerts. People either fainted, screamed to their hearts content, or unfortunately found themselves trampled upon after a mob of MJ zealots ran to catch a glimpse of whatever wizardry he appeared to be doing. Once the child molestation charges came into view in ’93, I didn’t know what to think to be honest but I felt like I had to believe in his innocence because this was Michael Jackson we were talking about and he LOVED the children. Everything became weird with MJ in the mid-90s. I was still a fan nevertheless but as his appearance changed, and his actions became even more eccentric, the tougher it was to separate the artist from the person. I cried when he passed. I never met him nor was I an over the top MJ fanatic, but it hurt. Did I shed tears for him or was it for what I thought he represented, a connection to my childhood? Maybe it’s a mixture of both but today will be spent listening to his contributions to music as we all should.

2. Believing in yourself is key but it’s also pretty dope to have others express their belief in you as well. One of my homegirls that I catch up with from time to time in a variety of fashions, told me last night that she thought I was “rare AF” which proved to the boost that I needed. I always found it funny that others could see things in me that I couldn’t see in myself at times and it helps when you are going through a creative funk like I have for the past couple of days.

3. There’s been this thing circulating for a while known as “Relationship Goals” that people aspire to achieve. Usually, the goals refer to celebrities or photos of couples that appear to be in love or rather to be in possession of something that they, the aspirers, were lacking. A lot of the #RelationshipGoals are rooted in superficiality and straight up bullshit. Since when does celebrity equate what love should be? Or a couple with “perfect” bodies become the standard of what you need to have in order to be in loving relationship? My #RelationshipGoal is to be with a woman that allows me to do this in public:


4. I always wondered why people thought that Elvis was racist. Chuck D had the line “Elvis was a hero to most/But he never meant shit to me you see/Straight up racist that sucker was” but I never had proof or evidence. My friend Chris recently asked me about a rumor that he heard about Elvis stating that the only thing black people could do for him was “shine his shoes”. And as luck would have it, Al Gore invented the internet and I was able to find this:


Fake news had always been a danger…

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