6.22.17 Thoughts


1. So a few days ago, I wrote on Facebook that I wasn’t checking for local emcees like I used to and it may have come off pretentious but there’s more to it than that. I know quite a few dope emcees in Philly but I’ve been so distanced from rap as of late that I don’t care to invest the time into it like I used to. My backpack era is over. Buying mixtapes on 52nd street in the early 2000s meant a lot to me as a rap fan but now, there’s nothing. I mean there some rappers from here that are popular who’s music bores me (SNORE!) but I’m not going out of my way to make that known. Those artists have fans that support them and my opinion won’t sway their feelings and vice versa. For example, I have a homie that’s an artist who has an affiliation with Philly’s most well known Hip-Hop collective and he, for some strange reason, decided to post a video of why the lead emcee in the group wasn’t on his Top 5 list of greatest rappers. Amongst friends, we can have that conversation but on the world wide web, you’re going to look like a hater (and a few individuals close to the emcee in question let my guy know that!) even if you’re just giving an opinion. Somethings are best held to the chest and not publicized.

2. On a day like today, “Give Up The Goods” definitely fits the mood and I always loved the sample.

3. I bought a bottle of Hennessy last weekend because I felt like I needed to pay homage to 2Pac the correct way after seeing that goofy ass All Eyez on Me Biopic. I think that I’ll cop the Henny Black just to have a diverse alcohol collection for the apartment. I can’t tell you when I’ve had Hennessy last BUT I can tell you that I didn’t take it lightly. Also, shout out to my time at Villanova which is where I discovered the brute force of the Henny mixed with Hpnotiq cocktail known as an Incredible Hulk, the mean green fighting machine of a drink.

4. All Summer Seventeen. June is almost over but there’s still so much more of the summer to experience. Every year I say that I’m going to rock out in the warm season but I’ve yet to do anything memorable. I have to make it count for something. No regrets. Plus, the women look way too good for me NOT to be out in these uncouth streets running amok.

5. Make Money. Spend Money. Lose Money. Get Money. Take Money. Can I Save Money? If money was a damsel in distress, she’d the princess in the very first Mario Bros. You get to the end after ducking Bowser’s bullshit just to be told “Oh, sorry chief, she’s in the next castle”. That’s exactly what money is like; you think that have it but oh know, you have to do more and more just to acquire some form of wealth but is it ever enough? NOPE. I don’t really care about material things but financial stability is very important. Everything is a battle of some kind…

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