For The Day: Spice 1 “Trigga Gots No Heart”

“187 is an art because the Trigger gots no heart”

I haven’t watched Menace II Society in eons but the soundtrack, most notably Spice 1’s contribution gets infinite plays. Even though East coasts rappers/emcees had aggressive content in their music in the early to mid 90s, I’ll always equate “gangsta rap” to the West Coast artists mostly because they were actually in gangs. Their raps just seemed to be very direct, sometimes callous and cold. How could you not believe what those brothers were talking about in their songs when their delivery was so damn convincing.

“Ain’t No Love, Trick!”

BTW, it was during the shooting of this music video that the infamous fight between 2Pac and Allen Hughes of the Hughes Brothers occurred which led to Pac spending 15 days in jail.


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