6.8.17 Thoughts


1. Sometimes being an asshole makes me uncomfortable. It’s not that I have a problem with exerting my power when it’s necessary but I hate creating weird energy but at times it’s very necessary. There are people out there that are full of shit and you can’t let them under your skin but I do advocate strategically getting under theirs.

2. The Sriracha Pickled Eggs at Local 44 in Philly will get my money EVERY TIME!

3. I’ve started to read more and bullshit less. I’m on my 4th or 5th book in 2 weeks (currently reading the Grace Jones’ Memoir) and thus far I feel like my brain has been revitalized. Going back to the way I used to be in terms of joyfully acquiring knowledge is all apart of my route to enlightenment. Word to Ras Kass, “Playa, Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful.”

4. NETFLIX comes with really dope series on the low. Over the weekend and the beginning of this week, I started to watch season 2 of one my favorite shows, FLAKED starring Will Arnett. There were tons of revelations being made and I felt that every character had a secret or some form of an ongoing lie. The lies weren’t meant to be malicious but rather to protect others yet by withholding the truth it made matters worse. It’s a show about redemption and it shows you that happy endings aren’t always guaranteed but they can be achieved with hard work and honesty.

As for Easy, an anthology series written and edited by Joe Swanberg, there was an instant connection as I watched each episode. The show focuses on various kinds of issues that are faced in relationships and how to deal. I thought each episode was very well written and honestly it made me miss being in a relationship. Who knows what the summer may offer.

5. Last but not least, I have nothing but HIGH HOPES for SZA’s new album CTRL.Drew Barrymore is the track that does it for me while the Travis Scott assisted “Love Galore” may have to grow on me. I have the album on pre-order via iTunes. Meanwhile here’s one of her jams to listen to…


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