6.1.17 Thoughts


1. I often hear that “race relations” are getting better in this country but there are constant reminders that say otherwise. Lebron James, an all-star basketball player who’s become quite the humanitarian, had his home defaced with the word NIGGER. It’s 2017 and idiots are still showing how much of a dickhead they can be with their actions. As a Black man in America,  I’m very aware that the game is rigged and more often than not the scales won’t tilt in my favor but there’s an undying optimism that’s been passed on from generation to generation and I’d be lame to entertain the hatred instead coming from a place of love. With that said, Lebron has to shut Golden State down without mercy in this year’s NBA Finals.


2. Rihanna transitioned into thickness and heads are upset?! Nah… you gotta thank every ethnic version of Jesus for that.


3. The fact that anyone for manufacture boxer briefs without a dick slit is pretty damn preposterous.

4. I never got the memo that wearing denim shorts was whack until my ex girlfriend said that she wouldn’t have dated me if I owned a pair. This was back in 2012 but now in 2017, denim shorts are back and in full effect mode. Fashion is a funny, funny thing; What’s hot now won’t be tomorrow but will be again two days later. DON’T BRING BACK THE SHINY GUESS JEANS! PLEASE!

5. I’m definitely a creep but not in a creepy way. For example, there’s a girl that I wanted to take down in New Orleans but cooler heads prevailed and with my own good judgement (nah it was GREAT… GREAT judgment) I didn’t try to capitalize on the situation. But I’ve since reconnected with her on social media, namely instagram and I always check out here pictures just to see how she’s doing. I saw a picture of her working out in the gym and the results of her squats have made me drop to my knees and cry many a day. Now, she’s always had a nice ass but when I saw it the other day on the “gram” all I could hear is the late, great Nathaniel Dogg say “HOLD UP!” (Listen to “Next Episode” by Dr. Dre for context). May she continue to be blessed out here…

Until next time which could be tomorrow or the day after… whenever, however, wherever… I’m here.


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