5.30.17 Thoughts


1. A very dope 1993 Dennis Rodman write up in Sports Illustrated “Demolition Man“.

2. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I watched a series on Netflix titled The Keepers and every episode baffled me. I heard about it via a friend on Facebook and I decided to give it a watch. I initially thought that it would focus on a nun’s disappearance but it went deeper in the corruption of Baltimore’s archdiocese. I binged watched all 7 episodes and there wasn’t a dull moment. Check it out!

3. After re listening to 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me over the weekend, specifically “No More Pain” and Gridlock’d’s “Never Had A Friend Like Me”, I will no longer allow myself to front on the late great Shakur. Still not in my Top 5 emcees of all time, but he still gets my nod of respect.

4. Summer of 2017… I want outrageous experiences. It’s dawned on me that I don’t have enough stories to tell and after watching an episode or two of VICELAND’s Party Legends, I need to step my shit up. Just as long as I don’t break my dick like Dennis Rodman, I’ll be ok.

5. Sleeveless Hoodies are the future… don’t hate on functional fashion.


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