4.20.17 Thoughts


1. Live, Suffer, then Celebrate. If you want to be better then you have to go through fire of some kind. There’s no progress with the accumulation of bumps and bruises. Being at my lowest in life has brought me to many of my highest points and provided me with fantastic survival tactics to handle whatever will be thrown my direction. Fear not! negatives can bring forth life altering positives.

2. In honor of 4/20, I have to share one of my favorite Method Man/Redman collaborations. The “How High (Remix)” is a thing of beauty and it’s aged like great wine.

3. I planning on really enjoying my summer this year. Sad part is that I say that EVERY year but I’ll make Summer Seventeen worth it. Take more chances, leave the city whenever I can, you know… shit like that.

4. Lebron James may be my favorite basketball player of this current generation but Russell Westbrook is definitely high on the list especially when he expresses how he REALLY feels.

5. If I could invest in marijuana I would. Seems like an interesting business to get involved in LEGALLY. It seems like it’s very profitable but I’m sure that research would be key before making a jump into that field.


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