4.10.17 Thoughts


1. For a few days, after my grandfather passed I found myself pondering a few things about life. Not about death or where you go after you die, but more so about the life that I’m living now. My grandfather was a great man in my eyes and no one on this earth could tell me any different. What I’ve heard about his years as a young man and what I’ve seen in my 32 plus years with him as my grandfather made me place it all in perspective. You have to live a life worth living. Wake up everyday with a purpose of some sort but most importantly, be courageous and confident. He was loved and respected and I should be so fortunate to leave a legacy on that level. BTW… His prom photos were LEGENDARY… he had like 8 pictures each with a different girl. RIP Grandpop. 

2. I prefer fancy cocktails. I’m not a lager or craft beer kind of dude. Martinis, wine, champagne, rum, whisky, etc., all get consumed. I was recently teased about drinking “girly drinks” but listen, I’m secure in who I am and I keep it more “jiggy” than most.

3. Dom Kennedy’s “Platinum Chanel” became my anthem during my moment of grief. It got me back to thinking about getting some eloquent fly shit.

4. I started to collect Zippo lighters. I don’t smoke cigarettes nor cigars but I like keeping something on me for conversational purposes. You never know who needs a light…

5. Over the weekend I found out that my uncle George Barron played on a few Lonnie Liston Smith albums in the late 60s/early 70s. It’s pretty dope knowing that I have such a rich musical side to my family.


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