3.9.17 Thoughts


1. It’s been over 20 years since Biggie passed away and his legacy is still as good as gold. The music has aged gracefully for the most part. Any of the verses that he recorded before the deal, ehhh not so much. It’s not that they were wack but the sound and lyrics are definitely dated. Everything from Ready To Die, Life After Death, guest appearances on songs by other artists retain greatness. I might write about it later.

2. Very VERY happy to have a new track from Freddie Gibbs aka Gangsta Gibbs. His new project, You Only Live 2wice drops on 3/31/17. Pre-Order!!!

3. Pillow talking is whack! Don’t do it! If you’re a jealous guy PLEASE keep it to yourself. One must respect the code at all times. Don’t let your childish emotions override your logic. Check thyself before you wreck thyself.

4. Introspection helps. If there are times when you are unsure of yourself or constantly questions WHY things are happening, I recommend looking within yourself and analyzing the memories of those moments that cause you extreme amounts of anguish. As painful as it maybe to revisit, it’s necessary in finding the roots of your problems. I’ve done that with my journals over the past few years and it allows me dig deep into the “sunken place” to unearth what’s really going on. It’s why I decided to get the Sankofa tattoo, as the symbol represents learning from the past to thrive in the future. All I want for myself now is prosperity and I will have just that.

5. Last but not least, everyone isn’t as open minded as they say they are. More so, everything isn’t for everybody and you can’t force people into liking what you like or supporting what you’re a part of. That’s not how the game is played. Play your part by thriving with likeminded individuals and you’ll see the benefits.

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