What I’ve Been Up To…


March Madness. During this month everyone goes gaga over college basketball and the road to final four but for me, there’s a different game in town. Nintendo released their newest console, the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd but I didn’t receive mine until yesterday afternoon. The universe played a cruel joke on me by having The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild arrive before the system which made this past weekend the longest two days EVER.

I’ve forfeited my social life for the week or month. I might fit in a rendezvous or two but for the most part, it’s Zelda all day and Zelda all night. NERD SHIT!!! I have to fit in gym time as well but I’m focused on knocking this game out of the box. I usually clock in about 50 to 60 hours on Zelda game and thus far, this game is the most involved. You know when it’s serious when sex is the only thing that could pull me away from playing that game.

BTW… Legend of Zelda on the NES is tough! Well at least for me and I consider myself a game pro. I have it on the 3DS and I’ve died like 22 times. SHIT!


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