A “Quiet Storm” Indeed…

You know when it’s good. You can feel it burning in your gut as it increases the beats of your heart slowly but steadily. When the stars are aligned, you just have to go with it and go get it. Last night I had a meeting with a good friend that I’ve known since 2009 and actually made steps toward making IT happen. I can say that the Stay Low Keep Firing podcast is in production and shows are on the way. I’m very, very happy about having the opportunity to do this as it’s been on my list of things to do for quite a while.

Why “Stay Low Keep Firing”? Because we as creative individuals are out on front street beating our chest like King Kong just to get a rep. We are humble in our ways yet we are all about our business. I initially wanted to call it Certified Game but while messing around on the mic, Ray aka BuenoDidIt, decided on the name. I dug it as it’s one of my favorite Biggie lines. Then it clicked, this month will mark the 20th anniversary of his passing and the release of Life After Death which featured the track “Kick In The Door” which is where the lyric (our podcast title) comes from.

1nce Again it’s on….


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