2.27.17 Thoughts


1. I love women to the point of nauseation. I’d explain it but I’m not into dry snitching.

2. Political Correctness has no place in battle rap. The Remy Ma Nicki Minaj diss track “Shether” was COLD BLOODED. For the most part, it received positive reviews but the Social Justice Warriors decided to come out of their bunkers and have their say. “The song was OK aside from the SLUT SHAMING!” Well what did you expect? Did you want Remy Ma to say nice things on a diss track? IT’S A DISS TRACK! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DISRESPECTFUL! SHIT!

3. I wish Big L was still around… He was soooo nasty with the rhymes. The ’98 Freestyle will go down in history as one of the illest tracks in Hip-Hop.

4. “First F**k” by 6Lack and Jhene Aiko is getting added to my “Sex” playlist. Note to self: Create “Sex” Playlist

5. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between being in love and having an infatuation. I usually get to point of being overly cautious and I wind up screwing myself over by being too paranoid. Some women want to stick around and others not so much. This is part of my narrative as the Heartbreak Kid. HBK is tatted on my left wrist for a reason. I love going along for the ride though…


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