2.23.17 Thoughts


1. Freedom of speech comes at a cost. It’s crazy hearing about comedians -who I view to be the best kind of sociologists – that aren’t allowed to voice opinions or make observations without becoming Public Enemy #1 is wild. In my opinion, if the material isn’t preaching hate, then there shouldn’t be a problem but that’s too much too ask in the PC era.

2. After watching a documentary titled The Red Pill, by filmmaker Cassie Jaye, I started to look at feminism and men’s rights activism in a new light. First, I assumed that Men’s rights activists were off the wall wack jobs but that wasn’t the case. Topics like male mortality, domestic violence against men, and paternity fraud are all REAL issues that aren’t discussed or aren’t taken as seriously. I respect and push for women’s rights and yes there should be equality but I hate hearing “Men Suck” and when we say not all men, we get bashed for defending ourselves. I understand the frustration but WE all get frustrated and it’s not fair to act as if issues aren’t really legitimate when it comes to men.

3. Altruism changed my life!!!

4. Everyday I grow more and more grateful that I had both of my parents in life. My parents are quality people and both sides of the family consist of solid individuals. I can’t complain.

5. There are a lot of dumb rappers with money out here.


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