2.20.17 Thoughts

Me Myself And Eyes

1. Moonshine is the devil. I visited Manayunk over the weekend during an abnormally nice February weekend. I hit a barbecue spot with my cousin Ty and a friend as soon as hunger decided to make it’s presence known.  On the drink menu, I spotted Moonshine! It came in a shot glass/tumbler and at first I thought “This little bit of nothing for $7.50?! GTFOH!” but then I took a few sips and I realized that the small portion was given to me for my safety. MAAAAAAN that moonshine was everything and worth every penny. If I didn’t have a brisket cheesesteak with it, I would’ve been ass out and washed up.

2. Roc Marciano’s ROSEBUDD’S REVENGE is a dope project. It’s going for $20 but if you dig the music, you’ll make the investment.

3. I didn’t care about last night’s All Star game, so I watched Michael Jordan’s All Star game highlights instead and his crazy shot over Shawn Merion in 2003 is still amazing 14 years later.

4. Actions > Words. If you’re trying to achieve anything with other people and they don’t show any signs of being as dedicated if not more than you are, cut them and keep it moving. Don’t let others slow you down. Business is Business.

5. I “need” a new tattoo. Need in this case is really a want that can wait a while.


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