Be Uncomfortable…


I’m at my worst when I’m comfortable. If I can go through an entire day and NOT feel a sense of urgency, then something is definitely wrong. Being at ease isn’t necessarily a bad thing by any means but we live in a day and time where nothing is guaranteed; Everything is finite and change is inevitable. We will have to face challenges that are pertinent to our personal evolution and if you choose not to, then enjoy stagnancy.

Fear fucks with you. It manipulates, stifles and kills what could be by filling your mind with obnoxious nocuous thoughts. It tells you that all that is possible is impossible or if you do go forth with your decision, the end result could be riddled by the bullets of tragedy. Fearful people will attempt to spread their seeds of doubt since they’ve forfeited their dreams before the sound of the opening bell. They don’t want to be alone in their panic filled rooms.

My 2013 move to New Orleans was a shot in the dark. I had no idea how I would function in a new city. Though I only lasted 3 to 4 months there for personal reasons, the time that I spent in the Big Easy allowed me to have a freedom that I thought I could never have in Philadelphia. I adapted well to New Orleans. I made friends, networked until I was able to find employment, and explored all that I could on my own until I felt familiar with my surroundings. Also, having street smarts is better than a MasterCard some days. I couldn’t have had those life changing experiences if I didn’t believe in my ability to survive.

One of the most uncomfortable things that I’ve ever done is approach women. In my youth, I used to get rejected a lot and it was mostly because of my height.  After taking those rusty daggers to the heart I decided that I had to step up and shake off the doubt. What I lack in height, I make up for in personality. I have the gift of gab and I’ve never been afraid to use it. Confidence coupled with a No-Fucks-Given attitude can create an inner peace that’s in tune with Universe or as I call it “The Last Dragon Bruce Leroy” glow. I can’t remember the precise moment when it clicked but once it did I never looked back and I’ve been jiggy ever since.

To break it down scientifically, it’s Darwinism. Yes, Charles Darwin and the big Natural Selection Survival of the Fittest theory that you may or may not have heard of. Either you adjust to unfamiliar environments and evolve or you become fodder. Simple as that. Facing the unknown increases your focus, teaches you that you don’t know everything like you once thought, and you become involved in the moment. And frankly, living a regular, threat free lifestyle is wack and monotony does jack shit for the spirit.

Go out there and be somebody.





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