2.16.17 Thoughts


1. Shoot your shot. Put it all on the line if you really want it. If it’s the job you want, the woman and/or man that you have an eye on, etc., go ahead and get yours. Time isn’t always on your side.

2. We need more outspoken people who actually have something to say. I respected what Santana said about Beyonce recently in an interview. It was an OPINION not HATE but these sensitive ass people can’t seem to tell the difference. I dig Beyonce’s artistry and she’s crazy talented but fuck the Beyhive. People shouldn’t be persecuted for opinions especially when the intention isn’t to harm anyone. Get a grip.

3. Peanut Butter M&Ms changed my life this week. I never had them before and I’m upset that nobody put me on game. I THOUGHT Y’ALL LOVED ME.

4. Eric Andre and Rosario’s relationship had everybody in their feelings… GOOD! If he’s happy and she’s happy then what’s the problem? All this hateration in the dancerie.

5. At this moment, I really think that best up and coming artists are coming out of the West Coast. I listen to music from all over but the West just seems to be fertile ground for dope rappers, singers and producers.

6. Season 1 of True Detective is still the G O A T ! ! !


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