2.15.17 Thoughts


1. Crying over old grievances is not the move. Learn from it and be better.

2. I talked myself out of a lot of opportunities in life due to assumptions. You have to trust yourself enough to take fearless steps. If rejection happens then it just happens. You fall down 7 times and get up 8.

3. Never rush the process.

4. SiR‘s Seven Sundays project is really, really good.

5. If you ever apologized for something and it wasn’t accepted, it’s all good. Don’t sweat it. If your intentions were good and you were accountable for your actions there’s nothing else to do but to continue living.

6. Self acceptance is the only acceptance that matters. If others don’t like you for some reason, then that’s what it is. As long as you are capable of holding yourself down at the right moments, that’s what counts.


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