Sacrifice inspired by A$AP Yams…


“Sacrifice, young blood. In whatever ur passion is. i wore the same outfit 2 years straight cuz all my money was embedded into this rap shit in making pretty flacko pop. even now my social life weak cuz ppl be infuriated that i dont hang out wit dem idgaf i need all this money not when diddy out here pouring ace of spades all over his designer shoes at after parties n still up by 8am the next business day.” – A$AP Yams

I don’t hang out like I used to do. In fact, I’d rather be home writing and working on a project of some sort instead of running the streets, especially in the winter season. I ordered a shitload of books of the inspirational and business nature to build on my foundation while the cold air declares sovereignty over the East Coast. Being seen on the scene for the sake of being seen does nothing for me. If I’m out and about it usually has a purpose. Personal enjoyment and/networking will be the only causes of an appearance from me. Time is money and as overused of a phrase as that it is, it’s a belief that I hold as sacred as the Holy Grail.

This afternoon, I did my usual random search on the internet and I spotted an article on High Snobiety titled “The Eight Realest Things A$AP Yams Said in Interviews” and naturally, curiosity got the better of me.A$AP Yams was true visionary and quite the entrepreneurial spirit. When he passed in January 2015, it left a void in the game but fortunately A$AP Mob and other associated acts are continuing to carry out his mission. Though we never met, he knew and impacted a few friends of mine. Of all the “realest things” listed in the article, the statement about sacrifice resonated with me the most. In this day and age, anything worth having is must be for fought even if that means making personal compromises to insure that your goals are accomplished.

Sleep is overrated. It’s necessary for the body but while on the paper chase, it can be consolidated. I dress fly on a budget and there are no qualms about it. I don’t own the latest Jordans nor do I splurge on other expensive items of clothing because it isn’t conducive to what I’m working towards at the moment. Sure, I have a taste for the finer things and weekend getaways but what’s the point in trying to live above my means just to appear like I’m higher than thou in the eyes of others. Even when financial stability no longer becomes an issue, I’ll still focus on the hustle or as the hood lingo goes “getting to the bag”. Popularity means nothing to me at this juncture. It’s work all day all night until I get it right.

R.I.P. Steven Rodriguez aka A$AP Yams, you did great while you were here.


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