2.6.17 Thoughts

I woke up like this….

1. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl because I didn’t care plus the Eagles aren’t in it so you know… whatever.

2. Ralph Tresvant’s 2nd album, 1994’s It’s Going Down had a few jams on it. My current favorite is “The Booty Affair”. And no, The Booty Affair in question isn’t a Pirate convention.

3. Instead of the Super Bowl, I watch The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe and I do believe that I made the right choice. And Yaya DaCosta has been physically blessed.

4. Netflix’s Imperial Dreams was a dope flick. John Boyega is going to be a problem in Hollywood. It had a pretty solid cast. Also, Brits can switch to an American accent and talk better than we can. Diabolical geniuses. Shout out to Flying Lotus for the musical contributions.

5. I want more tattoos. I have the same amount as 2Pac (18 joints!) but there’s more to get but I’m running out of space on my arms.

6. To be young and to think that you know it all is THEE WORST. I have Facebook acquaintances that watched like 2 minutes of a James Baldwin speech and poof! they are automatically experts on everything related to black culture. Facebook needs a “Sit that ass down and shut up!” button.


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