Thanks For Your Service: Nintendo Game Boy


This was my first handheld system. Nintendo’s Game Boy came into my possession on Christmas Day, 1991 and it kept car rides manageable. Going for long journeys in the backseat of my father’s car would’ve led to staring into space and drooling for long amounts of time if not for the Nintendo’s gray bulky portable product. The first two games that I had for it were Tetris, a game that I loved but never completed (once I reached Level 10 it all went to shit!) and my older cousin’s copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Later, I found myself enthralled with Super Mario Land 2 then Kirby’s Dream Land until it was stolen in Elementary School (I might have lost it but stolen sounds way better!)

I used to get in trouble with my parents for being “stingy”. As an only child, there were some things of mine that I didn’t like to share and my Game Boy was one of them. Even now, I’m hesitant on letting people borrow some of my possessions because everyone doesn’t treat your stuff with respect. There have been times when I’ve lent CDs to friends and the disc would be all that I’d get back. Damn savages.

It’s funny and somewhat telling that the game that I loved much wound up being covered in dust with the protective detached because the adhesive material used to keep it in place had long since dried. I tried to revive it for nostalgia sake. I bought Super Mario Land 2 for it again (I had sold it YEARS ago to FuncoLand) and though I still found it to be fun I remembered what annoyed me most about the system: YOU COULDN’T PLAY IT IN THE DARK!!! I moved all around my apartment many a night trying to find the perfect lighting to beat down Wario.

As of now, I’ve officially retired my Game Boy… may it collect only the most revered dust on my shelf…


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