For The Day: Jordan Rakei “Rooftop”

I’m terrible when it comes to listening to albums. I’ll click the play button on my iTunes and skim through each track until IT happens. IT grabs on to my ear like a sneaky claw of an Alaskan Crab hunting for it’s afternoon meal. IT latches on and won’t let go. IT drags me into the deep and just like that, I’m gone. What is IT? IT is the track that I hear for the first time that kidnaps my sensibilities. IT is all that I play. Now don’t get me wrong, Jordan Rakei’s CLOAK is dynamite but “Rooftop” is all that I ever needed to hear. It’s a reminder to never forget love even when you feel that it’s forgotten you. Remembering that love simply just IS and at times it’s all that you need to know about it. The visuals fantastically conveyed the songwriter’s message. If you haven’t heard Jordan’s album yet, check it out here.


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