1.31.17 Thoughts


Politics. Politics. Politricks. Parlor Tricks. Whatever. So much drama is going on out here and I can’t seem to invest myself in it. I’ve detached from toxic people and corrosive environments but how can that be done when the garbage embodies everything that I encounter? EASY. I focus on myself. Might sound self-centered to some but I assure you that working on what I want to be and placing myself in a position to go wherever I choose does way more for the cause than if I decided to throw tantrums on FACEBOOK about the government. Yes we are all pissed but at this point we should toss it in the “water is wet” category.

We have a maniac in power. Plain and simple and his counterparts are just as devious and most importantly, imbecilic. Banning Muslims from entering the United States was one hell of a low point for a President (if you want to call him that) but something in my bones tells me that this is just the tip of the iceberg. This country went from being the well liked and respected guy in the neighborhood to the crazy old dude that yells out strange words at midnight while wearing a hat made out of tinfoil to ward off gamma rays sent my extraterrestrial moles. To put it simply, people are bugging the hell out and it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon.

I hate the back and forth finger pointing. Democrats didn’t do this or Republicans didn’t do that. Can we please work on OUR future? Can we have peace in a country built upon the burning embers of war? Can we as a country stop committing crimes against humanity? And also a major middle finger F*CK OUTTA HERE to anyone that tries to kick that “Why does everything have to be about race?” nonsense when they try to empathize with the struggles that come from inequality for People of Color. As a Black man born and raised in the USA, I’ve seen smokeless heights and dark valleys that seem to repeat themselves historically. The one true denominator in the triumphs of those that sacrificed their lives and those that survived is power. A power so strong and indisputable that even death couldn’t alter it’s influence.

I want that kind of power. With that kind of juice I can truly make a change for the better. It’s a bit like Link from The Legend of Zelda when he acquires the Triforce of Courage. Once he equipped himself with it, there wasn’t an enemy in Hyrule that he couldn’t defeat nor was there a quest too perilous to complete. The time is now and now is the time to get mine. If I can empower myself I can empower others and then  and only then I feel like we can fight the good fight.



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