It Is What It Is….

The thing about me is that I never stayed down. Even when I’m told to do so, which could mean that I’m resilient and/or a hard headed individual. I’d like to go with the former. You see a few days ago I wrote about an experience that I had and though the intent was FAR FROM MALICIOUS the feedback would’ve made you think that I burned a flag of some kind. But I understand why some found it to be offensive and why they felt like I violated trust but other people just wanted to feel important and share opinions on shit that they had no knowledge of. I swear on the internet, everyone is a comedian, a philosopher, or some kind of expert and I do my best to ensure that I never ever put on those kind of fronts. 

So here’s the funny part, I’ve never ever been dissed on Facebook before. EVER. I keep my nose clean and I mind my business. I question the maturity of anyone that “drags” others on the net because instead of creating an immediate resolution to whatever the problem may be, some individuals rather summon the god of drama as if that’s the proper solution. That’s not me. I’m a grown man and if you have an issue that you’d like to settle, I suggest that you reach out to me directly so that the matter could be handled. Anytime that I’ve EVER had a problem, I knew how to take care of business without being “messy”. There are rules to this way of living and and bugging out on the internet isn’t one of them. I can always admit when I’m wrong and I apologize to the person that I offended. But as far as everyone else…. Bless your life!

CERTIFIED GAME coming soon!


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