South African Battle Rap?! YEAAAHH!!!

As a writer and as an overall fan of Hip-Hop culture, Battle rap has become one of my favorite pastimes over the past few years. I got a taste of international battle rap during the WRCs (World Rap Championship) close to ten years ago during their 2 on 2 tourney on JumpOff TV. British and Aussie battlers mixed it up with contestants in the US and it was quite entertaining although some of the rappers that competed were TRASH at freestyling. Straight up hot garbage to be precise.

A few days ago, while searching for battle,s I found out about the South African battle league Scrambles4Money and I couldn’t stop watching it’s content. The initial allure was seeing some of my favorite battlers from the US and the UK go to war with the South African talent. I didn’t know what to expect but WOW!!! Of all the battles that I watched on the Scrambles4Money channel, Tumi vs Ness Lee, who’s one of my favorite battlers, was the craziest. I had never seen nor heard of Tumi but his pen game is NASTY! I didn’t even want to pick a winner in this bout. Both of the emcees put on one hell of show.

At times US Battle Rap can become a bit contrived and there are so many rappers who come off as carbon copies. I get bored very easily by material that sounds like a caveman penned it. International leagues like Don’t Flop and Scrambles4Money give me the fix that I need in terms of creativity.

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