For The Day… G. Dep “Special Delivery (Remix)”

The Glory Days… well for me at least. In 2002, besides my clothes being disgustingly baggy, there was a steady stream of quality New York Hip-Hop . Back then, I was a huge G. Dep fan and even now I strongly believe that Child of the Ghetto, his debut album (and only due to his incarceration), is a pretty good album. Do you know how many times that I tried to Harlem Shake to “Special Delivery”? And when I say “Harlem Shake” by no means am I referring to that infectious Baauer track from 2013, nah, I’m talking about that dance craze that we all saw in videos like Jadakiss’s “Put Your Hands Up”, G. Dep’s “Let’s Get It” and Eve’s “Who’s That Girl?”. You had to jerk your shoulders a certain way to catch that groove and if you did it too good, you might look suspect like the guys in Eve’s joint.

The album version of G. Dep’s “Special Delivery” began with over a minute of Diddy ranting and screaming and I wonder why he thought that THAT was the coolest thing to do. Like Diddy, I understand that Dep was signed to your label but that’s not even your SONG! He did the same thing to Jay Electronica’s “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” where he had an extra long “moment” at the end of it which seemed to go on forever. But hey, that’s Diddy! The remix for “Special Delivery” was a special moment in Hip-Hop. This was the first time since Method Man’s feature on the Biggie’s “The What” that you had a Wu artist on a Bad Boy track. Ghostface Killah and Dep had the best verses in my opinion but I can’t take anything from Keith Murray and Craig Mack…



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