The Arrival of “Cuffing Season”

It’s mid-August and the summer is nearing it’s annual completion. Fun times in the sunshine are quickly fading and all of those flings are flung. All of a sudden it starts to sink in that once the seasons change, you don’t want to be alone when it’s cold outside while everyone else has love connections. From an outsiders standpoint “Cuffing Season” sounds ridiculous. A time period where you find a companion for the sole reason of NOT being lonely during the colder months is a bit funny but let me tell you, as a single “classic” man, it’s no joke.

I’ve been single since August of 2013. I’ve gone on a few dates and stopped communicating with a few people all due to the reasoning of finding a better match. I view commitments like college basketball stars view the NBA Draft; The team that I hope to play for has to be worth the blood, sweat, and tears. I didn’t work on my self-esteem/confidence, personality, dancing ability and other attractive qualities to waste it on someone that’s unappreciative or below my standards. I’ve seen family members and friends sign their lives away to bad choices and have gradually regretted their decisions. I never wanted that to be my life which is why I am the Shaolin master of fading to black. The texting slows down, the calls stop, and I’m nothing more than a memory. Why continue to waste each other’s time and prolong the torture?

I have options. Some are better than the others but that’s the great thing about having a choice. Back in 2012, I had options to choose from before I found the woman that made my life worth living for a year and four months. When I moved to New Orleans, even during the turmoil of that relationship, there were options but nothing could shake my loyalty. And now, I find myself in the same place that I was a few years ago, pre-relationship. But now, for some reason, there are the “why are you single?” questions coming left and right. Each time that I answer, it’s the same responses “I’m working a lot” or “I’m taking life step by step” which is true but not the complete answer. I’d drop all the nonsense when the right woman entrances me with her “black magic”. Now when I say “black magic”, I’m not referring to an ethnicity rather that special kind of vibration that I’d be a fool to deny.

Cuffing Season… treat me well…


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