Ghostface Speaks….

Well, well, well… Ghostface is pissed and delivers his response to Action Bronson’s remarks on Sportsnation with soul music blasting in the background. This is hilarious to me for all the wrong reasons. I’m not for beef in Hip-Hop because it gets whack as soon as it starts (Tyga vs Drake) but this is comedy to me and I hope that this is where it stops. I knew that this would happen after I watched that Action Bronson interview. My Spidey sense went off and said “Yup!” in a Trey Songz voice as I felt the disturbance in the air and I patiently waited for retribution on Ghost’s behalf. Anytime that I hear “Fat” and “Funky” being used in a derogatory manner, I take my place on the floor and laugh hysterically.

BTW.. Teddy Pendergrass was a great touch, Ghost


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